“Gold: Transparency, Trends and Techniques” Conference Talks up Sustainability

Initiatives in Art & Culture (IAC) Fifth Annual Gold Conference was entitled “Gold: Transparency, Trends and Techniques”.  Yet it was really about sustainable gold.


Donna DiStefano Working

Fair Trade Jeweler Donna DiStefano

that consumers can be confident that their purchases are both aesthetically and emotionally pleasing, as well as responsibly sourced, are given considerable focus through discussion of how the industry builds consumer trust through transparent reporting and the journey toward responsible mining.

These techniques are things my friend Donna Distefano has been offering forever.

“We have been overwhelmed by the fascinating recent developments in the gold industry, as we have been and continue to be with the history and legacy of this precious metal,” said Lisa Koenigsberg, Founder, IAC. “It has been a delight to be able to present this event for five consecutive years with so much new information each year. Every participant in IAC’s Fifth Annual Gold Conference represents this metal in some outstanding and significant way. We collaborated with many top professionals in their fields to showcase some of the most timely issues and achievements for the industry with the effectiveness and directness so important to IAC.”

“Richline is, once again, proud to support IAC’s Fifth Annual Gold Conference,” said Mark Hanna, CMO of Richline Group. “We consider this the world’s premier examination of all things related to gold and gold jewelry. Its educational emphasis on the emotional, historical and next-gen aspects of gold—with broad, expert attention paid to the key motivators of gold’s relevance—uplift all issues related to this precious metal and its role in the marketplace.”

Hoover & Strong, which is supporting IAC’s gold conference for the first time, released this statement:

We are thrilled to be a part of IAC’s Fifth Annual Gold Conference and look forward to educating the next generation of jewelers about Harmony recycled gold and Hoover & Strong’s Fairmined initiatives,” said Torry Hoover, President, Hoover & Strong. “Since branding the Harmony line of recycled precious metals in 2008, we have come to learn that responsible choices, sustainability and ethical sourcing—always important to us—are also important matters in jewelers’ hearts and minds. Recycled and Fairmined metal options are now readily available, so jewelers have the opportunity, and thankfully the desire, to create the most beautiful, eco-friendly jewelry in the history of this industry. We support the efforts of the IAC gold conference in its ongoing commitment to exploring these issues.”

Source: Initiatives in Arts and Culture
Initiatives in Arts and Culture (IAC)