Keep Down The Cost of Cooling (Infographic)

With all the increases in energy costs over the past decade, the financial impact of heating and cooling your home has become of real concern for many people, but despite our cooler climate it hasn’t discouraged more domestic and commercial investment in air conditioning systems.infographic of the Costs of Cooling down

The infographic takes a look at the increase energy efficiency and the need to save energy in the Summer. This includes their top tips on making sure you stay as efficient as possible with your energy consumption and some legal considerations below.

Rising-Cooling-Costs4.png (800×2664)

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  1. Even though most people enjoy the warm summer temperatures, they certainly don’t enjoy the energy costs of operating their air conditioners! Increasing energy efficiency in the home is a great strategy. Portable air conditioners can also help cut costs over central air conditioning because you only turn on the unit as needed.

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