Organic Gardening Quickly with Garden Grid

Starting and growing a quality garden is easier than ever with garden innovation called The Garden Grid™ watering system!

The Garden Grid

The Garden Grid™ watering system is a patent-pending irrigation system that instantly partitions your garden into equal square planting sections and efficiently waters plants at their base.

The planting sections guide gardeners to use the most of their growing space by planting by area, instead of rows. The ground level irrigation provides even watering for all plants and reduces water lost to evaporation and damage to plant foliage commonly seen with sprinklers.

The Garden Grid requires no tools and comes pre-assembled, saving gardeners time and effort. It features fully adjustable water flow from drip irrigation for seedlings, to a full stream for mature plants.

They incorporate a mesh filter and pressure regulator as well for smooth water flow. And the Garden Grid effortlessly links to other Garden Grids for larger planting areas!

They are also family owned and operated and make everything right here in the USA.