Organic Life Blog talks Best Brand For Troubled Skin


Winner is!! Rainwater Botanicals

My good friend Tara Mackey who runs the Organic Life Blog wrote a review back in the day about the best eco friendly product for troubled skin. I needed this article badly recently so I’m glad to share with the readers.

Designedrainwater botanicals in 1999 for their own needs, by 2000 Rainwater Botanicals were getting “owie” stories from people around the country who had used their incredible Comfrey Healing Balm to recover from dry skin, eczema, rashes, insect bits, cuts scrapes and diaper rash! A decade ago, in 2004, they put together their own line of trusted Skin Care products that they truly believe in and use personally for everything from Mens Care, to Healing & Prevention, to my own personal Skin Suffering… Troubled Skin.

What Is Troubled Skin?
Troubled Skin is skin that is bumpy, breaking out, scarred, scarring, flared, red or otherwise uneven. This also includes Acne. Acne is caused from several factors. First you start with clogged pores (ostiums). Then, excessive amounts of “sticky” oil (sebum) backs up in the pores (follicle). When bacteria feeds on this sebum, you get inflammation. The resulting blemish is the body’s attempt to fight off the invasive bacteria. Perhaps acne is genetic-no one really knows why one person may get acne while another may not. What you need to understand is that controlling acne is just like maintaining your weight. You don’t go to a weight-loss clinic, lose a few pounds and then go back to eating anything you like. Acne is the same way. It requires constant care and discipline. This regiment from Rainwater Botanicals has truly improved my acne, hormonal breakouts and troubled skin by balancing out my skin’s natural sebum levels over the course of a few weeks use and targeting and healing blemishes and scars with essential oils & herbs!Tara Mackey Organic Life Blog

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