Staples’ energy management efforts are all about reducing its energy use. Furthermore and making the energy it uses more renewable.

So this shrinks their energy bill and cuts their carbon footprint.

Staples HQ uses solar power too
Staples HQ uses solar power too

In addition, Staples has partnered with the ENERGY STAR program. Allto drive energy efficiency in its buildings for more than 15 years! They have more than 645 ENERGY STAR verified buildings to date. Also, they have been recognized as ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for multiple years, most recently in 2015.
So Staples currently has 34 facilities and a total of 37 solar arrays in the United States.

In conclusion, their 14.5 MW of installed solar capacity generated more than 14.6 million kWh of clean energy in 2014. Also and more than 75 million kWh since the program’s inception.

Now their corporate headquarters’ parking garage even has a 685 kWh solar power installation. As well as electric vehicle charging.

In 2014, Staples ranked in the Top 10 companies installing solar. All according to the Solar Energy Industry Association’s 2014 “Solar Means Business” report.


Staples stores use solar power too
Staples Stores are Energy Star Approved!

also purchases renewable power. Also it ranks in the top 15 on EPA’s Green Power Partnership’s list of retailers.

In addition, they even invested in fuel cell technology for backup power (an ideal use of this technology). Further, they operate these fuel cells at distribution centers in Ontario, CA, and Rialto, CA.  These facilities are also backed up with solar power arrays.

Finally, looking forward to more green announcements from Staples because they make energy easy!