Absolute Rubbish! The Litter Crisis in Europe

My name is Rich Palmer and I am the owner of Dustbox Cleaning Services, based in the UK.

Being in the professional cleaning industry, I see so much waste, particularly litter; as a result I have put together this infographic – http://www.dustboxcleaning.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/The-Litter-Crisis-in-Europe-Infographic.jpg called ‘Absolute Rubbish! The Litter Crisis in Europe’ which I think your readers might find interesting. A couple of quick facts for you:

· The total cost of cleaning up litter throughout Europe is estimated at €10 to 13 billion per year.
· Cleaning up Europe’s towns and countryside costs an average of €25 per person, per year.
· Road litter clean-up costs taxpayers €1 billion per year throughout Europe.
· 4 in 5 pieces of marine litter in Europe comes from land.