Eco Travel Key to Fulfilling Vacations

Everyone is excited about vacations and each one of us dream of a fulfilling and rejuvenating vacation. Most of you tend to have clichéd idea about a vacation and usually can’t think beyond a visit to the mountains, a luxury cruise or an island getaway. If you are a nature lover and wish to have a truly enriching experience this vacation, opt for eco travel. Do something different this vacation season. Opt for eco travel not only as food for the soul, but as a platform to gain knowledge.
What Does Eco Travel Entail

Eco travel involves traveling to natural destinations. Eco travel is becoming more popular these days, as it involves preservation and sustenance of the diversity of various natural, as well as, cultural environments across the world. You would be accommodated and entertained in a way that would prove to be minimally destructive or intrusive to the environment.

For instance, when you are traveling to a national forest like Tadoba and staying at Tadoba Resort in India, as a tourist you have certain responsibilities. Whether you are going on an extended vacation or just a nature camp or even a trekking trip, saving the environment should be your top priority. Endeavour to preserve the natural luxuries, while enjoying the beauty of the pristine forest and the wildlife around. When you are vacationing on some unspoiled region, remember not to upset the normal course of nature.

Chief Attractions of Eco Travel

If you have a deep love for nature then eco travel is a great vacation option. Choose some unspoiled location and enjoy the boundless natural beauty all around you. The unmatched serenity and the splendor of nature should be a great treat for you, on your vacation. National Parks are great eco-tourism destinations and are known to offer fantastic recreational and educational opportunities. You could go on hiking, nature walks, and safaris and have a splendid time in the lap of nature.

 After all, eco travel is all about wilderness adventures, discovering local cultures, personal growth and fulfillment, volunteering and most importantly exploring novel ways to survive on this vulnerable planet. Eco travel is essentially, traveling to destinations where the fauna, flora and cultural heritage are prime attractions for the nature-loving tourists.

Why Eco Travel?

By now it is clearly evident that if you wish to live on Earth, enjoying fresh air, clean water and a diversity of animals and plants, you need to do all you can, for protecting the planet’s health. By this time, you must have realized the importance of being eco-friendly. In fact, opting for eco-friendly ways in all walks of life, has now become a real necessity. Why not do your bit toward environmental preservation and conservation? Opt for green vacations and take a step towards saving the planet.

Creates Environmental Awareness

 Eco travel involves educating the tourists, as well as, residents of communities close by. Tourist should ask their tour operators for relevant reading material regarding the country, local people, and the environment well before the tour. Tourists should learn about the expected code of conduct to have a great vacation.

Generally, ecotourism destinations boast of well-trained and multilingual guides who specialize in cultural and natural history, ethical principles, environmental interpretation and effective communication. In an attempt to educate and expose the surrounding community the authorities should endeavor to organize free educational trips and reduce entrance or lodge fees for those living close to the tourist attraction.

Minimizes Impact

Tourism has certain adverse effects on the environment, but eco travel and tourism minimizes the detrimental impact of trails, hotels, and other infrastructure by promoting the use of recycled materials and ensuring safe disposal of garbage. Also, regulating the volume of tourists and their mode of behavior ensures minimum damage to the eco-system.

LEED Certified Hotel in Chicago Ensures Conservation through Direct Financial Benefits 

When you opt for green travel you assist in raising valuable funds for research, education and environmental protection through a host of mechanisms such as park entrance fees, hotel, airport taxes, airline, voluntary contributions and tour agencies.

All environmentally conscious citizens should undertake eco travel not only for unadulterated fun in the lap of nature, but as an effort to save the earth.