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My family and another family we know in the area were going out to a restaurant a few Friday nights ago.  At that point, we needed the restaurant menus and number. So as I wrote in Mother Earth News, my new favorite website for looking up phone numbers is the  Just sign up on the Yellow Pages through Facebook or Twitter and get numbers for FREE!! It’s true and they want you to opt out of getting the books as they are working with the EPA to be a leader in this effort to reduce paper consumption.

Back to the story.  I went to my IPhone and found my restaurant site for Yama Sushi, (got my restaurant menus of all the places near me). We get there and it’s crowded. So my wife calls out friends and we go to another restaurant called Oriental Diner. I mean there was 9 of us so we had to find the best place.

Yet as I stated in the Huffington Post before that when you write a book called Green Lighting, your perspective of this world really changes. So every restaurant I go to I am almost saddened by their lighting (since it’s not like my sponsor MSi Lighting) because it stinks and also it’s cutting into their company profits. That then reduces employment options for us.

I mean if we changed every light in every restaurant and private corporate complex. Here is a moonshot:

Let us change every street lamp in America to LED. As James Cameron and I agreed; if we just do green lighting in this country we can easily save this country. From taxes, jobs, energy efficiency which reduces power plant emissions, national security. Everything!

As I recently wrote up an excerpt on green lighting I realized numbers say more than I can regarding retrofits, jobs and energy prices:

In California, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) officials switched to LEDs for functional and outdoor lighting, reducing annual lighting costs by $55,000 and lifetime maintenance costs by $980,000. In Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Sentry Equipment Corporation chose to light its newfactory almost entirelywith LEDs, both interior and exterior. The initial cost was three times more than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, but this price premium is expected to be repaid within two years from electricity savings. The bulbs are expected to last for 20 years.

So when you go to a restaurant or need to get restaurant menus after writing the book Green Lighting and understanding it’s correlation to everything, your trip to a restaurant will never be the same again .

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