As talked about in the Green Lighting book, there need to be replacements to incandescent bulbs that are easy for people to switch over.  A simple A bulb in a lamp is the easiet start like one of my clients MSi Lighting has with 3M.

Phillips Endura LED

Phillips Endura LED

Here are some other benefits of LED bulbs.

SWITCH 3-Way LED bulb from SWITCH Lighting™

SWITCH 3-Way LED bulb from SWITCH Lighting™

Saves up to 90 percent energy, compared to incandescent, up to 50 percent over CFL.

  • Lifetime around 25 years, based on 4 hours of operation daily
  • Warm white light (+/- 3000 K)
  • Very energy efficient – 6 watt, replaces up to 60 watt incandescent
  • Dimmable
  • High light output (> 300 lumen)
  • Fits most regular fixtures
  • Contains no mercury
Incandescent CFL 6 Watt LED
power (in watt) 60 11 6
lifespan (in years) ‹ 1 5,5 25
Savings/year (in €) 15,00 17,00
CO2 savings per year (in kg) 41 45
MSi Lighting PAR 38 LED Lamp

MSi Lighting PAR 38 LED Lamp

3 Comments on “LED bulbs are really cost effective and great light.

  1. Hi Seth,No doubt the Pharox 300 is a great LED lamp however, to compare it with a 60 Watt equivalent is a bit too much: the Parox output is 300Lumens, for a 60Watt replacement you need an output of 806Lumens. Again, a great lamp but a bit overspecified.Best regards,Jan

  2. $125.00 Canadian dollars for 5 Pharox bulbs at is indeed a pretty good deal!

  3. This is very interesting. I should take the time to look over my light bulbs for future purchases. Thank you for sharing! I’m going to pin this to my Pinterest board for later.

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