LUMI•SOLAIR™ a solar and wind powered hybrid LED outdoor lamp

Lumi Solar Dynamic LED lighting

LUMI•SOLAIR is just one of several products Duggal Energy Solutions developed to target segments in which we can have the most impact with energy-efficient solutions. Their innovative lamps post utilize both wind and solar power and have been installed at varied locations including New York City, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn Navy Yard and we are proud to announce upcoming installs in Washington, DC and at the University of Hawaii.Lumi Solar Dynamic LED lighting

In 2009, Baldev Duggal President of Duggal Visual Solutions joined Mayor Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert C. Lieber, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) Chairman Alan Fishman and President and CEO of the BNYDC Andrew Kimball at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for the introduction of their green renovations and expansions.

Included in these green initiatives NYC worked to get 100 plus wind- solar powered street lights that are installed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

LUMI•SOLAIR, created by Duggal Energy Solutions, are manufactured to perform at their best in any given weather condition. After installation of the poles quick adjustments to the solar panels allow for collection of the maximum solar array possible while LUMI•SOLAIR’s wind turbines are also uniquely designed to generate power in even very light wind loads.Lumi Solair solar LED classic lighting pole

“The street lights, [LUMI•SOLAIR], designed and assembled at the Navy Yard, cost roughly 35 percent less to install than their conventional counterparts and will save the BNYDC $600,000 in the 1rst year and $11,000 a year going forward on electricity bills,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Here are some of the great advantages about LUMI•SOLAIR:Lumi Solair solar LED lighting street swan lamp

  • Aesthetic
    No compromise on visual design, materials or technology. One of the most beautiful designs in the industry.
  • Functionality
    They optimized each component to perform at their best in any given condition. Silent operating system.
  • Quality
    With a constant focus on the latest technology we continue to offer leading edge components. All of their electrical components are state of the art from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Safe, reliable, and durable.
  • Maintenance & Security
    All of the lower components are readily accessible from the ground and contained in a locked safe within the pole itself. All of the upper components are designed and engineered and allow for easy access if maintenance is required.
  • The Pole
    With a 25 foot 100% recyclable steel pole, which are beautifully crafted, sturdy, and produced in the USA. Additional protection from corrosion available when needed.
  • The Solar Array
    Their solar panels are set in a specially designed arm to allow maximum capture of the suns rays in both summer and winter, and also from early morning to late afternoon. The adjustments to panel can be performed in minutes to proper alignment for maximum collection no matter what the position the pole is directed.
  • The Batteries
    Top quality deep charging solar batteries are used for maximum performance & life.
  • The Wind Turbine
    Our wind turbine has been uniquely designed for the LUMI•SOLAIR and it can generate power in very light to very heavy wind loads. (7 – 90 mph)
  • Certified LED Lights
    Dark Sky Approved


  • Maximizes available sustainable resources
  • Reduces or Eliminates need for traditionally sourced electricity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Install anywhere with adequate exposure
  • Added security / safety during power outages
  • Excellent ROI
  • Reduces load on the power grid

Sustainable Design

  • Custom arrayed optics to reduce the use of plastics.
  • No tertiary optical losses.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable corrosion resistant materials.
  • Full cutoff optics meet Dark Sky requirements.

Holistic Thermal Design

  • Custom arrayed optics to reduce the use of plastics.
  • No tertiary optical losses.
  • Use of recycled and recyclable corrosion resistant materials.
  • Full cutoff optics meet Dark Sky requirements.
  • Ventilated precision airflow.
  • Underdriving LEDs to improve efficiency and system life.
  • Use of premium grade alloys for enhanced thermal conduction.
  • Electronics are isolated and sealed from the optical chamber.

Wind Turbine

  • Large propeller (horizontal) turbines are unsightly and take up space and are subject to Zoning / Code issues
  • Most wind turbines only begin producing trickle charge power at 20 mph
  • Typical turbines offer high cost and low benefits
  • No one else has cracked the code to an efficient, whisper silent, vertical axis turbine
  • Lumi•Solair begins drawing a trickle charge at sustained winds of 6 to 7mph and will begin charging the battery with sustained winds just over 10mph.


  • Most consume a lot of power
  • reducing days of stored light
  • Most are not Dark Sky certified
  • light pollution
  • Many use light temperature that distort colors and clarity
  • offer irregular patterns, dark spots or minimal spread
  • Many offer LEDs with low life or early degradation
  • Most use traditional cobra style head

Solar Panel

High Efficiency

Lumi•Solair’s solar panels are leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency. Obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. These are ideal for grid-connected solar systems, areas with performance based incentives, and renewable energy credits.

Temperature Performance

As temperatures rise, their solar panels produce 10% or more electricity (kWh) than conventional crystalline silicon solar panels at the same temperature.

Valuable Features

The packing density of the panels reduces transportation, fuel, and storage costs per installed watt.

Quality Products Made in USA

The silicon wafers located inside the solar panels are made in California and Oregon (from October 2009), and the panels are assembled in an ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and 18001 (safety) certified factory. Unique eco-packing minimizes cardboard waste at the job site. The panels have a Limited 20-Year Power Output and 5-Year Product Workmanship Warranty.

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