Collaboration Enhances and Expands Global EV Charging Platform Capabilities. All for Both Companies.

LOS ANGELES – March. 24, 2015 – EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, including development of the industry’s most innovative cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. That’s for their interaction with utilities and the driver experience. For it has announced that it has entered into a joint marketing and product agreement with (GE’s) Industrial Solutions business. In addition, the collaboration expands the global capabilities of both companies.

Under the terms of the agreement, GE will be a preferred charging station supplier of EV Connect. As well as EV Connect will be a preferred management provider. All for GE charging stations worldwide. Furthermore, the agreement also provides EV Connect with direct access to GE’s full line of WattStationTM. As well as the DuraStationTM EV charging stations. That’s also including a perpetual license to access the GE WattStation Connect cloud-based charger networking.

EV Connect charging station



Since April 2014’s announcement by GE regarding open access to the WattStationTM network. That’s for both companies. For they have pursued numerous joint customer opportunities. Best part is it’s leveraging GE’s highly reliable charge stations. That’s all for EV Connect’s robust management platform. Finally and all for the efficient interoperability between all of the components.

Sources: EV Connect, GE Industrial Solutions

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