The new MSi LED T8 tube is a true breakthrough in LED technology for commerical applications. 

It is the only UL listed and UL classified LED tube. It works with instant start, rapid start and programmed start ballasts. 

It works without ballasts as a direct connect. You decide. 


It is multi voltage (110v – 277v). It is impact resistant, shatterproof, suitable for damp locations and extremely lightweight. 

You can drop it and it won’t break! 

It saves 50% in wattage consumption vs. traditional fluorescent, is rated for 50,000 hours and carries a 5 year warranty and is DLC listed. 

MSi lighting t8 replacing all commercial lighting with or without replacing ballast

The MSi T8 is a completely unique tube. It is compatible with ALL ballasts – both magnetic & electronic – and is a simple plug & play – AND – it is ALSO ballast bypass. You can retrofit immediately – or wait until the ballast dies a “natural” death, and snip the wires and connect to the line voltage with a kit we provide, all through normal maintenance schedules. Today, there are two types of LED tubes being offered. Some offer a tube that is ballast compatible. It will not work without a ballast – so the tube will last 12 years – but you’ll need to replace the ballast twice, at an additional cost + labor, each time, over the 12 years. That’s unnecessary. Others offer direct install. You bypass the ballast. You snip the wires and connect to the main line voltage. But, in a typical commercial setting, there may be hundreds of ballasts. If it takes 15 minutes per ballast to do the work (with a licensed electrician) it will take countless hours – in just one location – to bypass all these ballasts. That’s a major up-front expense.

The MSi T8 does not need to worry about ballasts down the road, nor a team of electricians up front. It’s the best solution to going LED with T8’s in the marketplace today.

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  1. I agree Mike. It’s better than any other T8 LED replacement out there!!

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