As you know, with the epic drought in California raging- conserving water is a huge priority. Not only has the state mandated a 25% reduction in water usage but is also paying residents to take out their front lawns.

The end of yards, then? Yet, there are many simple steps residents (and not only in California) can take to have sustainable + beautiful yards- celebrities like Ed Begley Jr. are leading the charge.

Some of the steps he has taken:

Ed Begley house
The backyard of Ed Begley, Jr’s new LEED Platinum Certified home in Studio City, CA. (Ed Begley, Jr.)

-Ripping out the grass lawn: replacing grass w/ pavers, rocks, and drought-tolerant shrubs (ceanothus, lavender, sage)

-Installing rainwater tanks- and using that to water vegetable garden built on efficient raised beds

-Filtering greywater through mulch beds to water drought friendly trees (oak, apple, plum, olive)

Anyway, thought these tips made the case to move away from water guzzling grass lawns to sustainable and beautiful drought resistant landscapes.

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