To celebrate Independence Day, make real New York’s goal of generating half of the state’s using clean technologies, and promote new financial incentives for New Yorkers looking to go solar, nonprofit community solarize campaigns are helping people in the Mid-Hudson Valley and Southern Tier declare their energy independence.

Solar power

Solarize campaigns are in:
Orange County
Southern Tier

The Solarize discounts expire this fall for an additional 10 to 20 percent.

New York has the 4th Largest Energy Costs!

“Alternative energy, such as solar, will cause Newark Valley to be more financially independent while preserving our way of life. Securing our energy from the sun reduces our reliance on energy sources imported from overseas. This is a way to declare our energy independence,” said Newark Valley Mayor Jim Tornatore.

Thousands of New Yorkers are expected to benefit from the group purchase discount by spurring economic activity in that locality.

The New York State Energy Plan, released on June 25, sets a goal of generating half of the state’s power from clean, renewable sources by 2030.


“New York’s $1 billion investment in solar is significant —and it will help thousands of home and small business owners go solar this year alone,” said Betta Broad, Energy & Climate Program Manager for Catskill Mountainkeeper. “A solar powered energy system isn’t the future. It’s now. And it’s for everyone—not just New Yorkers who care about the environment. It’s for families who want to save money on their utility bills and anyone who wants to declare their energy independence.”

Source: RenewableNY and Sustainable Hudson Valley and Southern Tier Solarize Campaigns