A Great Primer On Solar Power

A great new resource I just found was eco20-20.com.  They are an abundant site for information on all forms on green technologies.  One of my first webpages that caught my eye was the one on solar power.  Here is a small excerpt from that page.

Solar panel for solar power

Solar power is a key component of energy independence and clean energy because of two key facts about solar energy:

  • First, the sun is a limitless and a completely free natural resource available to everyone on Earth.
  • Second, in one hour the Sun supplies the Earth with enough energy for an entire year.

Solar energy is harnessed by the use of solar cells, also known as Photovoltaic cells.  As well. Solar Photovoltaic Technologies can be used in many products like calculators, key chains, outdoor lighting and more.

The more solar technology is integrated into our lives the less reliant on fossil fuels we will be. However, as we all know and have seen worldwide, investment into solar technologies must always continue.

For the entire primer on solar power, please go to the Eco20-20 website.