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The sprinkler’s reign of water waste is near the end.

In the face of drought conditions, watering restrictions and renewed calls for more intelligent watering practices, homeowners are recognizing that the sprinkler is the primary culprit behind the majority of water waste in today’s landscapes.

But, while most homeowners are familiar with water efficient appliances and technologies inside the home, consumer knowledge of water efficient technologies in the lawn and garden is “lacking,” to put it politely.

So, as homeowners are now faced with increased pressures to reduce water use in the landscape, drip irrigation manufacturer, Netafim, has teamed up with Paul James, the Gardener Guy, to provide homeowners with a better understanding of the different types of drip irrigation systems, and in doing so, dispel many of the common misconceptions about their perceived complexity.

The videos are produced in the same style that HGTV’s Gardening By The Yard fans will remember, blending humor with important information about the benefits of drip irrigation systems for the lawn and garden areas.  Each short video is designed for homeowners looking for information on converting from sprinklers to drip irrigation in flowerbeds as well as a method for efficient watering of grassy areas.

Keep Your Lawn and Cut Water Use with Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Converting Sprinklers to Drip in Flowerbeds

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