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Ford Fusion Energi plugin hybrid Electric car

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Without any question, the Ford Fusion Energi is an agile, trendy, efficient and an amazing ride; as well as the most efficient and cost effective plugin hybrid electric vehicle. The Ford Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) traveled close to 550 miles on a single tank of gas during the week long test drive.

Electric Vehicle the Majority of the Time
In cities like NYC, 1 million electric-only miles are expected to be driven by plug-in hybrid EV customers in New York in 2014 alone. That is not a difficult idea to fathom since the average drive in the Ford Fusion Energi was all electric. Bottom line, when the vehicle is charged prior to driving, most trips taken were all electric.

Excepted Performance
The new Ford C-MAX Energi was only expected to achieve more than 20 miles of electric-only range. It has a varying charging range based upon the drivers habits. However, the one thing noticed is it’s important to refresh batteries. Specifically, the driver should drain down the entire EV battery to hybrid only mode. During the test a 42 mile charge on the car was achieved.

Now on a normal quick day charge, one can expect a 28-30 mile range; however one must drain the all electric battery down to the hybrid only mode.

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Back seats of Ford Fusion Energi plugin hybrid Electric car

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