Initiatives in Green Energy Technology

When you think of green energy technology, you might think of things like wind mills, solar panels, or biofuels. While these advancements are certainly at the forefront of green energy, technology like computers, processing chips and electronic safety systems are also doing important work in maintaining the efficiency of such systems.

Many companies are doing important work creating technology that promotes clean energy or preserves the resources that we have. Here’s a look at some of the latest innovations in green energy technology:


Computer-on-modules are highly integrated systems that allow companies to more easily expand or customize their operations. This complex system includes a central processing unit that provides the basic functionality, but a baseboard provides the application-specific features.

With a highly integrated, PC-compatible embedded computer module, energy companies can quickly and efficiently expand their operations or make tweaks that conserve energy and reduce waste. Not only are those savings good for the environment, but they are also good for the company bottom line. Those cost savings can increase capital for further research and development for clean energy, or they can be passed along to consumers.

Durable Computer Systems

The computer systems used in energy applications are put through the wringer. They are subjected to many shocks and vibrations from the heavy machinery that they operate, they are exposed to very high temperatures, and they are often coated in dust from nearby processes. All of these factors can cause the computer to malfunction or to prematurely fail. They can also cause the computer system to be less efficient, calibrating machine and energy processes incorrectly and creating a lot of waste.

Innovations in green energy technology have created specialized computer systems that can stand up to these potentially damaging influences. These durable computer systems are better able to operate efficiently even under these challenging conditions, reducing waste and ensuring the proper distribution of energy and resources.

Safety Technology

Nuclear and other energy plants can cause devastation if they fail. The safety technology used at these plants is just as critical to the promotion of clean energy as the energy technology itself. VME (Versa Module Europa) technology is being implemented to create a fail-safe system that protects the energy resources at these plants, their workers, and the people and wildlife in the surrounding area.

VME systems are designed to withstand the shock of an earthquake, extreme fluctuations in temperature, and influences from other electromagnetic signals. Multiple vendors are used to supply the parts for the system to ensure that a failure in one part is not duplicated in another. The system and its components are put through multiple tests to ensure that it can withstand all kinds of situations.

While technology that creates new sources of energy is important for conservation efforts, so is technology that helps energy systems operate more safely and efficiently. These innovations in green energy technology are helping to create a safer future for all of us and to preserve more of our natural resources. We can’t wait to see what other technology is introduced in the coming years.

Written by greenlivingguy

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