So folks listen up. I mean since we only have hours left. For that’s in the Kingston area for great discounts on solar.

Saturday, Sept. 12 is the last day to enroll for free site assessment and savings!

So Solarize is a state-sponsored, community-supported program. One to make it easy and affordable for households and small businesses to go solar.  Coordinated by two respected nonprofits, Catskill Mountainkeeper and Sustainable Hudson Valley. Because Solarize has been piloting in Kingston since May.  Now we’re in the endgame!   

Solarize Kingston

Join your neighbors in signing up for a free site assessment. All to see whether you can save money and help the planet. Again, all by going solar with our pre-selected installer partners. 

Hudson Solar and New York State Solar Farm.  

Hudson Solar and New York State Solar Farm.
Photo courtesy of Unsplash/ Vivint Solar


Again folks, you must enroll by Saturday, September 12, 2015. So contracts must be signed by October 3, 2015. That’s to qualify for the Solarize discounts and support.  All to check out NYS Solar Farm.

Enroll online to get discounts on solar in the Greater Kingston area.

Solarize Campaigns

First of all, Solarize campaigns help homes and business in the same area go solar together through locally organized community outreach. Working side by side, Solarize members can negotiate rates collectively. Then select an installer competitively. Finally and decrease up-front costs associated with going solar. Most noteworthy, Solarize campaigns have helped hundreds of households and businesses. All to access clean, locally produced power throughout the State.

There are two types of Solarize campaigns.

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solarize campaigns focus on getting a group of homes and businesses in an area to install solar panels directly on their properties. So rooftop solar installations offer a way to harness the power of the sun through panels installed on the roof of the home or business.

Community Solar

Community Solar Solarize campaigns focus on getting a group of homes and businesses together. All in an area to start or join community solar projects. In addition, community solar projects are an array of solar panels installed in a sunny, offsite location. Most importantly, community solar allows residents and businesses to benefit from solar. Especially if they can’t (or don’t want to) install panels on their respective properties.

Participants in community solar projects get credits toward their electricity bill by subscribing to a local clean energy project. Community solar installations must be built within the same electricity service areas, as determined by utilities and transmission operators. Visit this map to see where community solar installations are being developed near you.

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  1. Thanks Seth! We are starting to see a flurry – but no worries everyone, we will get your site assessments scheduled asap!!!

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