TE, formerly Tyco Electronics, presents new high-performance junction boxes

TE Connectivity (TE), formerly Tyco Electronics is big. For it is one of the leading connectivity system suppliers. All for photovoltaic installations.

Bottom line new junction boxes for solar panels are smarter. Also faster and better both in quality and performance.

SOLARLOKSolarlok automated junction box

The SOLARLOK automated junction box is suited for the job. All for fully automated mass production.

Thereby allowing manufacturers of crystalline solar modules a much shorter assembly time. So therefore contributing to lower costs. Another advantage: increased reliability in the manufacturing process. Moreover, finished panels with a consistently high quality.

In addition, the robot-capable, 4-rail junction box inspires confidence.

Especially due to its novel housing design. As well as its range of intelligent features. It has specially provided test points for the flash test. All in which the performance of the solar module is tested. This test can be performed by robots. That’s using the automated junction box. Therefore, cumbersome connecting of the cables is done. I mean doing it by hand is eliminated.

Another advantage is the unique protection of the contacts : In the SOLARLOK automated junction box. So the plug contacts are protected. All from dust and moisture. That’s throughout the process up to final assembly. In this way, the product offers the highest degree of mating safety. That’s no other clamp-style automated box. I mean it provides such complete connection protection.

Renewable energy sources like solar photovoltaic and wind power have come to the forefront of today’s urgent climate conversation. 

Once questioned for their scalability and even rejected for their looks—solar and wind power have become viable mainstream alternatives to fossil fuels.  

The past 50 years have seen rapid climate change and with it a five-fold increase in weather-related disasters. That’s from infrastructure-damaging freezes in Texas. Then to massive wildfires across Australia. For these extreme weather events are happening closer to home. So they have put intense focus on finding more sustainable solutions by organizations. Also governments and communities. All across the planet. 


In fact, governments everywhere are accelerating the pace of adopting policies to limit carbon emissions. What’s helping to fuel this change of pace? Innovative clean technologies. They are a critical driver of the growing feasibility of renewable energy. The behind-the-scenes work of engineers. All that it ensures that adequate technology. Especially that it exists to make more earth-friendly alternatives. All the more reliable and cost-effective. 

The SOLARLOK automated junction box. For it is available at: www.te.com/products/automated

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