Connecting the Dots on Going Green by Starting with What I Eat.


Going Green means the food and water you eat and drink.

Mariel Hemmingway was at the Go Green Expo in New York City and until recently, I never got the whole connecting between healthy eating and going green. I mean I knew it was a healthier body and organic foods like Emeril Lagasse talks about in his shows, I just started connecting the dots for going green and being healthy.

As Mariel explained in this initial video, they way she connects that dots for helping people to connect with going green is by understanding the simple things you do every day. So besides putting on our clothes, we eat and drink.

The Martin Strel interview started my process to eating greener by really cutting down on the amount of beef that I eat because we are destroying rainforests to breed the cattle that we want to eat. We do not need to be doing that.

Why? Here are a few reasons why it matters to understand that connection:

1. The Hemmingway discussion made me realize that if we breed cattle locally to reduce our transportation costs and emissions for the food we eat. That reduces my carbon impact since I don’t have to ship the food from Brazil or some rainforest. I can use farmers that are local and are not destroying our ecosysytem for a buck!

2. Trucks and boats that emit large amount of pollutants to deliver food to our door has a carbon impact! By understanding where the food came from brings us one step closer to understanding sustainability.

3. To quote Hemmingway at this event, “Nature is our greatest healer and teacher.” We can connect with nature and ourself by understanding how we can connect with nature. We drink water and the sodas with high fructose corn syrup get us fat. Corn, cheese, tomato sauce, vegetables, cows, milk, chicken; whatever we eat comes from nature. If we eat better food that is locally grown we make our first step toward making an environmental impact.

Hopefully this video will help you understand the connection in your own way too.

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