CHICAGO, June 23, 2015 – This year the sustainability leaders at Coca-Cola, Renew Merchandise, and the Hudson Group will join the Chicago Department of Aviation at the 2015 Airports Going Green Conference, October 25-28, in Chicago. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to hear the success stories of these companies, see products and fashions made from sustainable fabrics and receive an exclusive Airports Going Green shirt made from upcycled plastic bottles. The conference is hosted by the Chicago Department of Aviation and the American Association of Aviation Executives (AAAE).

Airports Going Green is the aviation industry’s leading sustainability forum, and will offer the opportunity to hear about the latest on how sustainability is driving airport projects and initiatives. Airports Going Green attracts exceptional keynotes from aviation and other industries who share their visions and sustainability successes, including sustainability case studies, innovations, and achievements from around the world. We’ll hear from industry leaders on initiatives for reducing environmental impacts, achieving economic benefits, and increasing awareness with the traveling public.

Date: Tuesday June 23, 2015 | Source: Chicago Department of Aviation

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