Keen on the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (PCC) since 2012, Bowling Green State University (BGSU) recently renovated its indoor turf field with LED lighting to continue its environmental pledge.


The University worked with Cree, a leading LED lighting company, to install Cree® CXB Series, providing an unmatched combination of high performance and affordability to replace energy-wasting fluorescent and HID luminaires. The installation helped the university save more than $200,000 in energy and maintenance savings and delivering a payback of less than two years. One feature of the CXB Series that BGSU did not anticipate was because the CXB Series luminaires are instant-on; staff had to learn they could turn the lights on and off as needed.

In the education community, it is difficult to come up with funds. In support of the PCC commitment and need for a budget, a few years ago, students set up the Student Green Initiatives Fund, an optional $5.00 per semester fee to further environmental sustainability on campus. Cree’s CXB Series helped the university gain swift approval to use the fund to cover half of the project’s cost through rapid payback and emissions reductions.


LED lighting continues to provide a cost-effective solution for educational facilities — acting as a cornerstone for net-zero and net-positive carbon footprint initiatives, freeing dollars for more direct investment in other initiatives.

Please visit to read the full case study and view images of the installation.

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