We are on the precipice of a global food crisis. The math is simple and staggering. For we need to produce at least 50% more food. All to feed 9 billion people by 2050. However we are currently capped by resource limitations. As well as environmental contamination. Moreover and agricultural decline.

So Ryan Duffy goes inside. Inside the world of Caleb Harper. Caleb is an architect turned urban farmer. Yet he is along a group of MIT students. All trying to put the world’s climate in a box. So these MIT students want to revolutionize agriculture. More importantly, solve the food crisis.

Food crisis

Vertical Farming

Urban farming has been a steadily growing trend in the U.S. for years. However a Los Angeles company is taking it vertical gardens and making it personal.

So Hollywood A-Listers are blowing the “vertical farming” movement sky-high.  Thanks to ingeniously designed aeroponic gardens from LA Urban Farms. Yup, can you say thousands of regular folks are growing their own personal food source. All on their balconies, rooftops, patios, driveways. That’s even indoors. Most importantly and are using 90% less water (and 90% less space) to do so.

Vertical farming

A reservoir at the base of each garden holds 20 gallons of water infused with a nutrient solution formulated for optimal plant health and human nutrition. For a submersible pump pushes the water up through the center of the column where it accessed by the plants hanging roots.

So as it trickles back down, it mists the roots with nutrient-rich water. The same water continues to recirculate until the plants absorb it.

These farms have become the ‘It” thing in Hollywood because they represent a commitment to locally sourced food, to an organic lifestyle, and to reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Actress Jessica Alba, owner of the Honest Company in Santa Monica, enjoys a LA Urban Farms garden at home and several at work for her employees.  Over the holidays, “Wild” co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern gifted each other with these vertical gardens.

Now What with Ryan Duffy:

Future Farming was an episode in the HuffPost original docu-series. All hosted by former Vice correspondent Ryan Duffy. 

Real Sustainable Farming

Farming is an essential industry that feeds the world and provides us with many of the materials we use on a daily basis. However, farming can also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, which can have negative impacts on the environment. The good news is that there are several sustainable practices that farmers can implement to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt more environmentally friendly methods. In this article, we will explore some of the top tips to reduce emissions from farming we’ve collected with the help of experts. By adopting these sustainable practices, farmers can play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment for future generations.

Expert tips to help farmers reduce emissions from farming

Farming is an industry that’s feeding the entire world. It’s also one of the most significant contributors to global warming. That’s why it’s more important than ever for farmers to find sustainable ways to adapt their practices.

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