The office space is one of those spaces where there is a lot of scope to follow environment friendly practices of which one is recycling.

Recycling is a way to ensure that non biodegradable items do not accumulate in the environment but are rather treated and recycled to result in minimum wastage and harm to the nature.

Within an office space, there are many things which can be recycled rather than thrown away and some of them include papers, plastic cans, paper clips and many others. If you wish to know about the various ways to recycle at work, then the following given tips and suggestions would prove useful to you.


Focus on the consumption of paper
One of the best ways to recycle at work is to focus on the consumption of paper. Make sure that paper is used only as much of it is needed. Ask employees to avoid wastage by following things like using both sides of paper and avoiding the use of paper based activities as much as possible.
recycling at work

Reduce or reuse

Another way to recycle at work is to focus on reduction and reuse. Take a look at the materials that go into waste each day and figure out the ways to reuse them to the maximum of their potential. For example make it a point to ask employees to reuse stationary items like papers, refill pens etc.
Expand the recycling system
It is a good idea to expand the recycling system in the office space. Paper and cards/cardboards make for the maximum waste in an office space so make sure that you start with the recycling of these things. 

Over a period of time expand the types of things that are recycled including glass, plastics, light bulbs, batteries, toners, food waste, cds, furniture and IT equipments etc.

Invest in good bins and mark them
Another step that you can take towards recycling at work is to invest in good recycling bins and make it a point to label them.  Make separate bins for recyclable materials and non recyclable materials. Make sure you ask your staff to use these bins and remove individual bins from their cabins. This will raise awareness and will reduce wastage.

Make participation simple

It is important for you to make the participation of employees simple because only then would they be encouraged to take recycling seriously. Welcome ideas for recycling, put dustbins at convenient locations and give them time to get used to the whole process.  Put up charts to focus on important of this exercise and ramifications of not recycling.

Set up an example

It is a great idea to set up an example by participating yourself. Take active role in minimizing waste, putting things in the dustbin each time, showing interest towards this practice and others. Lead by example and motivate others around you. Assign representatives for this practice so that maximum people can be involved.

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