Test Review of the Honda Civic Hybrid Electric Car Limited

This was a fun car to drive. I like having a 50 mpg across the board, especially since I have a Honda Civic and need to upgrade it inevitably. Right?

Here is my review:

For a hybrid electric car, the Honda Civic hybrid is an average fuel economy of 50 mpg. Yet inside, the Civic was a fully loaded family fun hybrid. This Civic hybrid tested came with a fully black leather interior and was fully loaded. From Honda GPS to voice command, this Honda Civic was among the more efficient hybrid electric cars on the block today.
Design Upgrades add to Efficiency and Style

Besides the hybrid electric and integrated motor assist technologies inside the car, there is an Eco Assist button. This enables the car to maintain a higher standard of efficiency than other hybrids at the get go.

“Honda developed the driver guidance and driver feedback functions of ECO Assist to help drivers improve their fuel economy, and in turn, to also benefit our environment,” said Art St. Cyr, vice president of product planning and logistics at American Honda. “The visual nature of the technology is intended to help drivers improve their efficient driving skills by making it a more fun and rewarding experience.”

See: Source: Honda

EV Power
Even though starting prices for this specific model came at around $29,900 yet while driving it, the car feels like one spent at least $35-40,000. With a predominantly electric motor coupled with a small engine, this electric motor is for starting and the initial propulsion of the car.

Honda civic limited hybrid Electric car

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