VW Jetta Hybrid 2014 Electric Car Review

VW Jetta Hybrid 2014 Electric Car Review

Since driving hybrid electric cars for road tests, this drive system proved to be the most effective and efficient. With a much more real EV feel to your hybrid experience, one can drive electric many times during the ride. At acceleration, braking and at maintaining high speeds. This makes the 2014 VW Jetta Hybrid Electric Car is the best hybrid and most cost effective on the market.

What Makes the Jetta an Amazing Hybrid?
For starters, it doesn’t feel like a hybrid, it feels like a VW Jetta. There is no compromise on performance, turning, acceleration or anything on this car. It has heated seats, turn signal lights on the side view mirrors, rear view camera when in reverse and many other bells and whistles for under $32,000.

As well, when the vehicle is in e-mode for electric mode, this is currently the only hybrid that isolates the electric to make for an electric car. When at low speeds, high coasting speeds or even acceleration; when the car is in e-mode, there are plenty of times it felt like driving an all electric car. One would think this would cost more money. It does not.

VW Jetta hybrid Electric carFront end of VW jetta hybrid ev
Dashboard VW Jetta hybrid
E meter for VW Jetta hybrid ev

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