CMAX Energi Road Test gets over 115 MPG

The 2015 C-MAX Energi is one car I personally do like. I even recommended it to a friend at and like how it’s an accessible car for mid-priced plugin hybrids.

Ford C-MAX Energi
Ford C-Max Energi Plugin Hybrid Electric Car

The interior is all leatheresque from recycled plastic bottle fibers across the board. From seats to dash. It is a great looking interior. More importantly, the seats are up high to feel like a large SUV.

Interior of Ford C-Max Energi
Interior of Ford C-Max Energi seating

THEN with an extra large panoramic roof, it felt like being in a Ford Explorer or Escape but not.

119.6 Miles Per Gallon
119.6 Miles Per Gallon

Ford CMax Energi

Best part was the MPG didn’t disappoint. The 119.6 was a great mpg. Driving the 24 miles was more like 30 to 35 when you include the regenerative braking. This is pure battery and after then is hybrid mode. The car totally wanted to be 999 MPG at all times.
However outside of the pure EV range makes it drop.

Maybe it’s time for car companies to make plugin hybrid electrics that have a 60 mile range?!

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  1. The CMAX Energi looks interesting. Who manufactures it and is it in production/available, and if so an approximate price point? Enjoyed the review. Sounds like it is time for a full road test: handling, passenger comfort, best uses (around town or cruising), potential reliability, etc.

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