Mini Cooper Sport Review on shows Mild Hybrid

This was a fun car to drive back in 2014. Besides the fact it was a mild hybrid, I thought can’t wait for a hybrid, plugin hybrid and all electric version to be offered.

Here is a sample of my review of this car:

Surprisingly, all MINI Hardtop’s have 3 driving modes with a simple dial or switch from comfort to green to sport.

Yet, this MINI is a mild hybrid electric car. So for greener driving, simply switch into the Green Mode. Bottom line: the smart shifting, regenerative braking and an awesomely cool coasting feature when your foot’s off the gas, makes this car easily get over 45-48 MPG. Even longer trips it’s plausible to get 50 MPG at 50-55 miles per hour

Want Green Mode in a Mini? Dial it up!
Mini created an amazing “Green Mode” to help the mild-hybrid electric car capture regenerative braking (as you see a battery charging in the visual display for driving). This mild hybrid grabs every last bit of engine efficiency, kinetic energy and regenerative braking charged to the battery. See: More on the technology from Mini

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