Green Business Award is one of the most coveted awards in USA. Presented by U.S Green Building Council and Cincinnati Business Council, Jani-King Cincinnati had become a finalist for the year 2012. The nomination of the award came as Jani-King implemented the Jani-King GREEN 2011 Cleaning Schedule.

The main base of Cincinnati’s GREEN 2011 Cleaning Schedule is the rating system of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This rating system was initially developed by the U.S Green Building Council (USGBC). A highly comprehensive solution, the GREEN 2011 Cleaning Schedule, gives businessmen the scope to selectively make a choice from a specific MENU of Green Clean offerings so that their specific targets are met with successfully. Initially this program was the same for all kinds of businesses; as a result many small businesses deterred from the same as it went out of their budget. Along with lack of finances, lack of resources was also a reason for staying away from such programs by small and mid-size organizations.

Blake Seylhouwer, owner of Jani-King of Cincinnati opined that Going Green is possible and easy only if the company belongs in the Fortune 500 category -because for this you need resources as well as finances. Medium and small size companies lack both these. Jani-King of Cincinnati wanted to start a Green Cleaning Schedule for businesses of small as well as medium sizes so that they could become GREEN as well. The customized GREEN Cleaning Schedule is lesser expensive and helps in smooth transition to the GREEN belt. Also, there is complete compliance with the LEED Certification standards by the small and the medium sized companies.

Blake Seylhouwer also says that he wants Jani-King Cincinnati to become one stop destination for companies when they plan to go GREEN within restricted budget. The company wants to cater to the market, which is underserved. The most interesting things about the GREEN Cleaning Schedule are that it is educational, customizable as well as cost-effective. The commercial cleaning industry is getting new dimensions with this company as it is providing mid-sized as well as small businesses an excellent option for Green Cleaning. The company aims at creating significant demands with mid-sized and small businesses in Cincinnati for taking up ‘Green’ janitorial services. Along with attracting new businesses, the company also takes a target of converting all its current customers to a customized Green Cleaning Schedule in the coming years.

The standard model of commercial cleaning which is implemented in most of the companies needs to go for a complete overhaul. Until and unless this step is taken, it is difficult to make the transition from a normal cleaning service to Green Cleaning Schedule among various janitorial companies. Maximizing efficiency of commercial janitorial services is not as easy as it seems. There are various kinds of challenges that come up in this service.

Implementing the GREEN Clean Schedule is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods of facing the challenges. Commercial janitorial services are not only restricted to hospitals, hotels, offices etc – the services expand in many other commercial areas including event venues, stadiums and so on.

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