Tesla Motors Model S P85 2014 Test Drive Story

If words could really describe the intensity of the the performance, speed and efficiency of the 2014 Tesla Model S P85 (for performance based 85 kilowatt hours), then they would be listed. Yet this all electric car is beyond words. Of all cars. That’s why the Tesla Model S P85 is not just simplicity, luxury and overall performance.

Range and Performance
Many times the Tesla was tested for speed and acceleration plus range with efficiency. Tests were performed at 0-60, which was 4 seconds during one test; not 4.2. Given the Model S performance battery pack and controller programming makes this an extremely efficient car.

Screen Split on Tesla Motors Model S P85

Therefore, if after testing the car at 0-60 many times one then drives efficiently, the car immediately generates a range of 328 miles (total real world range).