Mr. C Hotel of Beverly Hills Engages EV Connect to Offer its Guests EV Charge Stations

As plug-in electric vehicles become mainstream, full service hotels are offering EV charge stations as an amenity for guests

CULVER CITY, California, May 24, 2012—EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure solutions—and the most sought after infrastructure service provider for helping hotels become EV ready, today announced the deployment of new EV charge stations at the upscale Mr. C Hotel of Beverly Hills—a must-have amenity for EV drivers. EV Connect is a specialist in working with service-conscious hotels to deploy EV charging infrastructure and management systems. EV charge stations set the Mr. C hotel apart from its competition, solidifying it as a destination-of-choice for EV drivers who want peace of mind knowing they can recharge their vehicles during their visit.

“Because of these charge stations, Mr. C hotel guests now have more refueling options for their clean automobiles. We applaud Mr. C’s leadership and are starting to hear from a bevy of other hotels adding this important amenity to attract guests,” said Jordan Ramer, CEO, EV Connect.

“We’re witnessing a trend that makes a lot of sense.  EV drivers must have a place to re-charge their vehicles overnight and are selecting hotels to visit based on whether they can recharge their cars—they are looking for EV ready lodging, so to speak. Mr. C continues to set a new standard in contemporary hospitality by offering EV drivers this charging service.”

Growth in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in California is imminent, with the state’s support and lofty clean air goals.

New law helps Bollore deploy 16,000 electric vehicle charging stations across France Source: Renault Nissan Alliance

Companies on the forefront are paying attention to this trend and taking action. Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani, the fourth generation of a family internationally renowned for its restaurants, landmarked banquet spaces, clubs, and residences, understand this and have translated it into the Mr. C Hotel, which was noted by restaurant reviewer Jay Weston to be “beautifully designed, nicely hip, attractive and unique in every respect.”image

“Success in the hotel industry only comes with careful attention to the needs of our guests,” said Sam Jagger, general manager, Mr. C Hotel. “With EV Connect’s services we can offer electric vehicle charging capabilities to our guests who, while dining at Mr. C Restaurant or visiting our hotel will be able to recharge not only their spirits, but their cars, too.”

Source: EV Connect, Inc.