Leaders from Canada, Wisconsin & Hawaii Highlight Dangers of GMOs & Pesticides

Creve Coeur, MO – Today, three generations of women spoke out for the health of current and future generations at the annual Monsanto shareholder meeting. Rachel Parent, teenager and founder of KidsRighttoKnow.com of Canada, Anne Temple, mother and leader of Moms Across America, and Beth Savitt, grandmother and President of the Shaka Movement of Hawaii traveled together to represent their generations of women concerned about the harms of GMOs and pesticides across the globe.

Credit to Kids Right to Know

Left to right: Beth Savitt from Shaka, Anne Temple from Moms Across America, Rachel Parent from Kids Right to Know

“Women embody the creation and nurturing of life on the planet,” said Temple, midwest leader of Moms Across America. “We make decisions based on love and the long term protection of future generations. “We are attending this meeting to remind shareholders to insist that Monsanto, one of the most powerful companies on earth, makes decisions based on the long term health of our population.”

Temple presented a proposal from John Harrington, of Harrington Investments, asking Monsanto to prepare a report on how the company will mitigate risks of the extremely negative effects on human and environmental health from the main ingredient in its most popular product, Round-Up. “Monsanto has a long, sad legacy of producing dangerous products, and now we’re learning they’ve likely been dangerously misleading shareholders and consumers about safety for years,” Harrington said.

Moms Across America’s Zen Honeycutt, coordinator of the three generations attending this year, represented Harrington at last year’s meeting, presenting a proposal which won 53% of the shareholder votes. The mothers group found glyphosate in tap water, children’s urine, breast milk and Pediasure feeding tube liquid that’s given to children with cancer. Many of their children’s health have improved since avoiding GMOs and related chemicals by eating organic which is a message Temple shared with shareholders.

Rachel Parent of Kids Right To Know, who began speaking out at 11 years old about GMOs and debated Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank on CBC Television when she was 14, has inspired Canadians by her courage.

“Speaking on behalf of the youth, I’m concerned about my future and the future of the planet,” said Parent. “We have to go back to our roots of regenerative farming, crop diversity, and minimal use of harmful pesticides. We don’t need Monsanto to modify, patent, and re-create nature. Nature’s Eco System has already been created with ultimate balance and perfection.”

Grandmother, former school principal, holistic health practitioner, and Hawaiian community leader Beth Savitt presented a proposal from Andrew Behar of As You Sow asking Monsanto to disclose its lobbying activities. In Maui in 2014, Savitt’s Shaka Movement defeated Monsanto’s attempt to buy the residents of Maui’s votes by spending over 9 million dollars on a single county election. It was the largest amount ever spent per vote anywhere, and yet, Maui won a GMO Moratorium. Since then, the local judge has sided with Monsanto and denied the legal process.

John Harrington of Harrington Investments said “It’s truly amazing to me that Monsanto is allowed to continue endangering public health and safety.”