Verilux Goes LED Lantern For The Masses

Verilux(R) expands its offering of well-designed vision products that feature Natural Spectrum(R) Daylight illumination with the introduction of its portable, yet powerful ReadyLight(TM) Rechargeable LED Lantern (model VB05).

“We’ve taken our expertise in developing Natural Spectrum light technology for home vision and light therapy products and applied it to the design of our new portable and ruggedly designed Lantern,” says Nicholas Harmon, President of Verilux, Inc.
Harmon adds, “Research has found that math and reading test scores significantly increase in study environments that are naturally lit, which is why our new Lantern with Natural Spectrum Daylight can be especially useful to students.”

imageHere are the specs:

ReadyLight™ Rechargeable LED Lantern features:
-Single touch brightness control
-12 Natural Spectrum® LED bulb provide 70 lumens of illumination
-Durable, drop resistant construction
-Built-in long life rechargeable battery
-USB cable
-Height – 6.75″
-Width – 3.75″
-Weight – 0.55 lbs
-1-year limited warranty

Sleek and contemporary looking, the new ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern is styled in classic white with grey accents.  Simply touch the power button on the front of the Lantern to activate and adjust brightness level.  For added convenience, you can also control the level of illumination by touching the top.  The Lantern provides low-level reading light for use inside a tent when camping, as well as ultra-bright light for emergencies at home or on the road.  Unlike bulky lanterns designed specifically for camping or roadside use, the lightweight ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern features a streamlined design that looks right at home in a patio or porch setting, as well as a student’s dorm room.

“Our new Lantern is great for so many purposes, including reading maps, books and bedtime stories when camping with kids,” says Harmon. “Roadside emergencies are three times more likely to occur at night.  Consequently, keeping a ReadyLight LED Travel Lantern in your car’s trunk allows drivers to safely fix a flat tire at night with hands-free illumination, and also emit powerful light to alert other motorists.”

The new Verilux ReadyLight Rechargeable LED Lantern with touch brightness control is available now at and at retail nationwide for $19.95 suggested retail.   The optional USB wall charger (VEX-035) is priced at $12.95 suggested retail.

Source: Verilux

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  1. Cool product! Can I add another really innovative LEd product?THE MICROLITE, it is a tiny light that pops up when turned on, sticks on with 3m tape. I use it on my remote control so I can actually read the darn buttons! Also use one on my front door so I can see the keyhole.www.microlitetech.comThe sell them here….

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