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April 17-23, 2016 is the 12th annual National Environmental Education Week (EE Week), a program of NEEF (National Environmental Education Foundation) and supported by national sponsor Samsung. Taking place over the week of Earth Day, EE Week is the nation’s largest celebration of environmental education (EE), inspiring environmental learning among K-12 students, and beyond, with EE events and projects taking place across the country in classrooms, after-school clubs, parks, aquariums, museums, and more. Studies have shown that teaching lessons in an environmental context makes the subject more relevant to students, creates real-world problem-solvers, and improves overall academic performance, while also building critical thinking skills, improving relationship skills and fostering leadership in students and teachers alike.

NEEF and Samsung invite environmental educators of all kinds, teaching any age, to take part in the nationwide EE Week celebration by registering their existing or new environmental education events, field trips or projects happening on or around April 17-23, 2016 as EE Week events at

EE Week registrants receive:

Discounts on EE publications + professional development resources for educators from NEEF’s partners
Eligibility for NEEF’s Greening STEM Integration Grant ($500-$1000 grants for educators) (Deadline: 11:59pm, April 5th)
Eligibility for upcoming EE Week contests
…and more!
This year’s theme is “Greening STEM, Rooted in Math,” concluding a four-year focus on teaching STEM subjects through an environmental lens, an approach NEEF calls “Greening STEM.” A free infographic and corresponding educator toolkit related to the theme, and made possible by Mitsubishi Corporation Foundation for the Americas, are currently available to download for free at the NEEF Greening STEM Learning Center.

For EE Week updates, contests, videos and more, follow NEEF on Twitter and Facebook and engage with the community through the hashtag ‘#EEWeek.’

This April, join educators nationwide in the celebration of a simple equation: Environmental Education + Everyone = A Brighter Future for All.

Source: NEEF, Samsung Electronics North America

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