A REFRIGERATION company that made its name chilling millions of cases of wine is turning its attention to growing tomatoes in the Australian Outback.

Cold Logic has won a $1 million contract with Sundrop Farms to refrigerate desalinated water for a state-of-the-art irrigation system in rural South Australia.

Sundrop Farms will open its first fully operational 20-hectare sustainable greenhouse facility in Port Augusta, about 300km north of the South Australian capital Adelaide, in the second half of 2016.

The sustainable farm is powered by a solar-thermal desalination process using two abundant fuels: sunlight and seawater.

Computer-controlled mirrors focus sunlight onto a tower to super-heat the seawater and convert it to steam. The steam drives a turbine to generate electricity, desalinate the water and power the farm.

The desalinated water is used to irrigate the tomatoes – and that’s where Cold Logic comes in.

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Cold Logic Partner Eddie Lane said his company had developed a system using ammonia technology to chill more than 2.8 million litres of water daily.

He said the processed water was about 35C after it had been desalinated.

“Our component really is to make sure there is an effective water supply at the right temperature that can be sent via the pumps to the greenhouses,” Lane said…

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