Globally plus Locally Everyone wants Solar

I think the most startling thing is that just 1 hour of solar energy is equal to 1 year of power for the global population.

Warmer countries in particular have an opportunity to effectively utilize the power of solar energy. it is interesting that Germany is the best performer while not being a country with a great amount of solar energy.
 Globally plus Locally Everyone wants Solar

Now as of late OnForce Solar signed a big deal with Woodstock, New York for solar power for the community. Now that’s a show or concert waiting to happen.

SunPower installed 3.6 megawatts of systems in the Oakland School District in California. This includes 16 schools, using SunPower solar panels. The systems include rooftop solar arrays and solar shade structures in school parking lots, which take advantage of underutilized space and provide needed shade.,
 Globally plus Locally Everyone wants Solar

“Oakland Unified School District can rely on its SunPower solar systems to deliver guaranteed performance for the next 25 years or more,” said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, regions. “SunPower works with school districts across California to reduce operating costs and repurpose the savings to the classroom. It is extremely rewarding to partner with our public schools to deliver needed savings, while inspiring teachers and students with the great power and potential of the sun.”

Parts of China are committing gigawatts to solar.

The first phase construction of a giant 1.1 GW solar power plant project in China’s Gansu Province is now underway.

The solar company that is building the plant, China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings, confirmed that an initial 300 MW phase is planned for the Hongshagang Industrial Park in Minqin County, Wuwei.

Construction is estimated to be completed by the end of this year, with the expected average annual electricity output of the Wuwei plant standing at 480 million kWh.

The solar company has also stated that it is committed to supporting regional clean energy development, and in December 2013 signed a strategic development agreement with the government of Mingin.

Then I’ve heard that PV Panels from Solartech Ltd. Powered up a public park.

Why does this matter? Solar is taking a global phenomenon that is bigger and perpetual. So you may not have solar today, you will have it soon enough. For your home, business or the products you buy; being powered with solar is inevitable.

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