Green village proves high value of low carbon living

A GREEN village with minimum 7.5 star energy efficiency ratings is proving near zero carbon communities are not only achievable but can also save residents money.

The Lochiel Park Green Village in South Australia’s capital Adelaide, consists of about 100 suburban homes powered by rooftop solar. Water efficiency measures include rainwater for re-use as hot water and recycled stormwater for toilets, washing machines and irrigation.

The homes use less than one-third of the energy usually needed to maintain thermal comfort and include features typical of low carbon dwellings such as energy efficient lighting, solar hot water and appliances.

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South Australia’s first zero carbon home was completed at Lochiel Park, a Renewal SA project, in 2013. The carbon dioxide produced by the home over its 50-year life will be offset within 32 years through cutting-edge sustainability systems.

Researchers at the University of South Australia studied the energy consumption and generation of Lochiel Park Green Village.

The investigation looked at the value propositions of the zero carbon housing policy and found that homes generated more energy than they consumed…

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  1. I love this small footprint, high tech, ultra modern look. If I didn’t have so many books, I could probably live in a house like that.

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