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IMO´s Fair for Life Fair Trade and Social Responsibility Programme today finalised the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) Equivalence Process. All as the first product certification scheme that applies to a wide range of products. For this ensures fair production conditions down to farm level. Moreover it is guaranteed by an independent ISO 17065 accredited certification body. By means of the GSCP Equivalence Process Fair for Life. It has been benchmarked against international best practice of existing sustainability systems and standards. All as set out in the GSCP Reference Tools. The results of the benchmarking process are now available for sharing and comparing on the GSCP Equivalence Process’ online platform (by registered platform users only).

GSCP Joins Forces for Sustainable Supply Chain

IMO´s Fair for Life Fair Trade and Social Responsibility Programme today finalised the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) Equivalence Process.

The Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) brings together key actors of the consumer goods industry to collaborate on a common goal: driving positive change and business efficiency in the areas of social and environmental sustainability along the supply chain.

Motivated by the conviction that the way forward in sustainability is through collaboration and convergence. Because these are experts from various sectors and affiliations. For that’s including major retail companies to also brand manufacturers. Also international organizations, academia and government. For they all have joined forces within the GSCP framework. Most importantly to deliver a harmonized, global approach. That’s for more efficient and also sustainable supply chains. This work is accomplished through a complete suite of Reference Tools.

That’s a robust Equivalence Process and regular meetings and also working groups. The GSCP is facilitated by The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). CF is global, parity-based industry network, driven by its members.

Fair For Life: Certification from Purchase to Sales

Fair For Life is a brand neutral, third party Certification Program for Social Responsibility (“For Life”) and Fair Trade (“Fair for Life”). The programme builds on key baseline standards. For that’s such as the ILO conventions. In addition to SA 8000, the social criteria of IFOAM and international Fair Trade Principles. It moreover combines strict social, fair trade, and environmental standards with adaptability to local conditions. Furthermore, it requires certification along the entire chain of custody. Fair for Life has also gained quick acceptance and is well-known in high quality markets worldwide.

More than 250 operations are currently certified against the Fair for Life Programme by IMOswiss AG (IMO). IMO is a leading provider of international certification services. That’s for organic, ecological and social standards. As part of the ECOCERT Group, it benefits from a large international network. Most noteworthy, it’s of 29 subsidiaries and operations. Located in more than 110 countries.

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