RE.BIN Offers a Stylish Twist to the Traditional Recycling Bin

At RE.BIN, they believe consumers should never have to choose between their love of design and their love for the environment. Their team at RE.BIN noticed how inconvenient recycling can be in smaller, urban apartments. That’s why they’re offering a stylish, modern twist to the traditional recycling bin.


As featured in Design Milk and Trend Hunter, RE.BIN offers a modern, minimalist design to complement any home interior style. Intended to be visually displayed in an open living area like a kitchen or living room, RE.BIN is perfect for collecting all of your recyclables.

More info on RE.BIN:

Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastics

Elegant, sleek, clean and minimal aesthetic

Space-efficient design is tailored to fit smaller, urban apartments

Makes recycling an easy and simple process

RE.BIN is available at discounted prices for a limited time. To see how RE.BIN can offer you and your readers a clean and easy recycling experience, visit our campaign at