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All eyes are on the U.S. right now to become more sustainable, and local governments have tremendous potential for leading this movement toward a clean environment. Rhode Island is one of the pioneering states going above and beyond in committing to the movement by implementing unique, diverse campaigns and incentivized initiatives.


As Earth Day is on the horizon, wanted to share a ways R.I. is calling on municipalities, nonprofits, educational institutions and businesses in the region to work together and cross pollinate to help save our planet. Governor Gina Raimondo plans to have the state using 100 percent renewable power by 2025, and reduce energy use by 10 percent by the end of 2019.

A few examples of green programs in the state include:

· Ocean State for Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration Program: Recently received $7.7 million to fund fish and wildlife conservation projects, recreational opportunities, and space preservation.

· The University of Rhode Island’s Engineers for a Sustainable World: Their most recent project includes the construction of a vertical hydroponic system to showcase to students that you can have sustainable agriculture in the local community and in a small space.


· Solarize RI: This 14-week program, which ended on February 15, resulted in 250 solar contracts between local residents and businesses totaling more than 1,700 kW of new clean energy capacity.

· The Rhode Island Innovation Grants Program: A grant program that awarded up to $50,000 to local companies making waves in innovation, many of which promote environmental stability through wind harvesting, algae farming and water filtration


R.I. is one of the select few states offering support to businesses, and access to education that promote sustainability.

“Rhode Island is committed to securing a clean and affordable energy future. Already we’ve taken valuable steps forward to reduce our environmental impact and grow green jobs by supporting the construction of the nation’s first offshore wind facility, investing in renewables, and encouraging clean modes of transportation. More work remains, and this accord acknowledges the challenges we face and our commitment to addressing them. I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues across the country to find innovative ways to grow our economy, tackle climate change, and shrink our carbon footprint.” – Governor Gina Raimondo

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