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Three solar arrays on Town of Breckenridge facilities were funded by Renewable Social Benefit Funds (RSBF), an alternative energy company focused exclusively on bringing solar power to hospitals, schools, low-income housing projects and other governmental and tax-exempt entities. The Town of Breckenridge selected a total of seven sites to host solar arrays, and all producing power.

In all, seven arrays, 650,000 kWh during the first full year of operation, 80 households’ annual energy needs.

“We are very excited to be working with the Town of Breckenridge,” said Greg Bohan of RSBF.

“Their commitment to renewable energy will be evident all throughout the town as the seven sites are built out.” Town of Breckenridge officials are also looking forward to seeing the project completed. It’s been a long time planning this project, and we are very gratified to see it nearing completion and see the positive effects of this solar project” said Town Finance Manager Brian Waldes.

Construction financing was provided by Colorado Business Bank and RSBF. Martifer Solar, along with Innovative Energy, will build and maintain the systems for the Town. The system will be owned by RSBF and a group of local investors.

“The investors were a pleasure to work with as maximization of return was subordinated to a desire to make an investment that is the right thing to do,” said Jonathan Jaffrey, President of RSBF, noting that solar projects provide an attractive alternative to other income-producing investments, with the added benefit of creating local jobs and supporting communities. Added Jaffrey, “RSBF focuses solely on the municipal and nonprofit sectors, helping to free up funds allocated to energy costs so they can be redeployed into the community.”

Source: RSB Funds, L3  Denver, CO – August 23, 2011

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