BMW i8 Plugin Hybrid Electric Car Pimped and Ready to Buy

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Straight from Wincar Autotrader’s
Christian Salinger

Car on the ground
This BMW i8 plugin hybrid electric sportscar is in Italy!!

and has the following extras over standard equipment.
Black alloy wheels.


Chrome blue colour. Dark dark grey leather.

All the rest is a complete car with all the usual extras.

The car has full european warranty.

The car is 100% as new.

 1499 cm³ 170 kW (23


Year 2015, Total Miles 500 Kilometers

The i8 is new, just km used for photos shooting for advertising.

It is unique in Chrome Blue. The car is in Europe and ready to go

our price € 118.500.-

They are in direct contact to owner

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  1. 2 of the 3 pictures are of the McLaren P1, a completely different car. It’s almost like this ad put no work into listing their car at all.

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