How to Green Your Home with LED to Start from Iris by Lowe’s


If You Go Green Lighting then Go Iris BY Lowe’s

Go to smart LED bulbs quickly folks since they do use at least 75 less energy.  So, Iris by Lowe’s uses smart bulbs to schedule and manage them resulting in better efficiency. The bulbs that work with Iris by Lowe’s are very specific LED smart bulbs from Osram; designed for residential lighting applications.

Simply put if you don’t want an electrician to change your dimmer switch then plug in the GE Wifi connection and communicate with the LED through your phone.  That’s right folks!! Your phone and the Iris by Lowe’s app. You can tune in like your volume on a radio or smart phone or TV.  Amazing new technology.

However, besides just Green Lighting or LED bulbs, here is a great infographic on other ways to go green or energy efficient.


 Iris LED green lighting in homes for your home