Huffington Post Story on EMA #GreenMySchool Program

I really am excited about my new profound relationship talking about the Environmental Media Association (EMA) work. Recently, I announced it on the Huffington Post. Heres a slight sample of the post:

For several years I’ve been watching and supportive of EMA. The organization has always been a Supporter of the Green Living Guy and my efforts since 2009 and now it’s taken a bigger step toward collaboration.

The #GreenMySchool Program allows children across the country to benefit from shared urban school garden experiences and inspire students to take action on behalf of nature. Students who are able to leave the confines of a classroom for an outdoor, environmental experience learn more and test higher than other students. They also make healthier food choices in their own lives and have greater self-confidence and leadership skills.

So besides 100 percent organic Gardens at schools from the sponsors from Birds Eye, Gardein and Kellogg Garden Products. These companies provided the 100 percent organic mulch, gardens to the seeds. Again: I did ask folks and asked the correct questions!! These are totally legit organically grown gardens!

Other Noted Fun Facts About Post

Lance is an organic cucumber addict and we talked with the beautiful actress Amy Smart and the amazing Leader of the EMA, President, Debbie Levin and one of my personal favorites Malin Akerman.

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