Green business means big business nowadays, as we become more and more aware of the climate and the planets’ resources it’s important to find ways to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Some of the leading big brands around the world are now starting to make it their priority to use renewable energy in their efforts to help the planet, and they are giving the rest of the business industry some great examples to follow. Recently, Make It Cheaper has looked at some of the ways these brands are working and compiled their research into an infographic.
It’s reported right now that renewable energy accounts for 22% of the global energy generated and this is expected to at least triple by the year 2040.

With our conventional energy resources being finite, it’s more than a necessity than a lifestyle to be green these days.

Microsoft have stated that being environmentally sustainable is one for the core practices of their business and therefore have been committed to being carbon neutral since 2013. They signed two 20-year agreements for 285MW of wind energy from Illinois and Texas.

Have a look at what Sony, Google, Ikea and Walmart are all doing to be green in the infographic below and what small businesses around the world can also do to contribute to a greener planet.

 5 Big Brands Using Renewable Energy & What Small Businesses Can Learn
5 Big Brands Using Renewable Energy & What Small Businesses Can Learn