Let’s talk about my Elantra Eco Tour. So back in May, Hyundai coordinated the coolest idea for car companies to collaborate with social and traditional automotive journalists. Then they give them a car, some cash and off ya go (gift cards..not cash but you get the point!). I immediately thought donation book tour for my Green Guides. So here’s the story of my road trip with some talk about the #ElantraEco. What a car.

When We Landed for the Elantra Eco

Since Hyundai sponsored a road trip / Green Living Guy Book Donation Tour with the Elantra Eco. That’s there were pictures and fun along the way. So this post will be a picture story versus an all out written diatribe.

 Elantra Eco. My Absolutely Amazing #ElantraEco Green Living Guy Book Donation Tour!

As we walked into our rooms at the Birmingham, Alabama Ramada Renaissance we received our brochures about the 2017 Hyundai Elantra Eco. It’s a 1.4 Liter turbo that really did an eco roadtrip.
It was a great night to start at a local barbeque joint in town before the road trip. Heck, the MPG rocked as much as the trip but we will get there shortly.

52 MPG Highway Elantra Eco

No let’s go there now! Can you say over 52 MPG was my best on the highway. That was for a while folks! Not just a mile. Like an entire gas tank plus another half. So…..

As you can see below, the whole crew of bloggers got onto the floor to check out how they were building the #ElantraEco.

at the Hyundai Elantra Eco Plant in Birmingham, Alabama

 Lori Hamilton and I in the Hyundai Elantra Eco
Here I am inside of the Elantra Eco before we drove it out of the plant and onto our roadtrip. So darn cool!
Elantra Eco. Given my love for College football, I had to check our the University of Alabama stadium. Loved the Roll Tide sign in the back. You can't see it from the shot but it's a beautiful stadium.

University at Alabama Elantra Eco Tour Spot

Given my love for College football, I had to check out the University of Alabama stadium. Loved the Roll Tide sign in the back. You can’t see it from the shot but it’s a beautiful stadium.

Georgia Tech library on Elantra Eco
So much fun at Georgia Tech!
Talledega Elantra Eco
As a Huge Ricky Bobby fan I had to take a picture in front of Talladega Raceway in Alabama

Asheville North Carolina Elantra Eco

Asheville, North Carolina Elantra Eco Tour

During my time in Asheville, North Carolina I met with Dayna Reggero from the Climate Listening Project. She showed me around town, to the local farmers market and the Collider space where my books will get donated to UNC Asheville. There are some amazing things happening at the Collider. Go ahead and Google it.

Then we talked about how the Marriott Asheville Renaissance (where I stayed) in town has a Bee Haven/Sanctuary on their roof to preserve the bees in the community. Also, the plants around the hotel were native to the area. Helps with water conservation folks! So Go Marriott Asheville Renaissance for their eco efforts on the grounds and working on Saving the Bees!!

Thanks for stopping by Asheville on your @hyundaiusa #elantraeco tour, @greenlivingguy! Wish we had more time for fun, but glad you got to visit The Collider climate solutions space, the pollinator garden at the Asheville Renaissance, the mountains and downtown! Thanks for the books for UNCA!

Double rainbow for Elantra eco tour

Atlanta Part One Spot

A ton of people were wondering why I met with Mona J. She is becoming a real deal celebrity in her own right. She is filming with Tyler Perry some movies and is gearing up for more.

mona J and the Green Living Guy Seth Leitman


Baltimore Area Elantra Eco Tour

So after Atlanta, Georgia I drove over 8 hours to give the books to Raymond Cooper, CEO of Rhema Motors, LLC and also PR & Communications Director for the National Electric Drag Racing Association ( NEDRA ).

Raymond stopped by his old high school T.C. Williams because we are donating books there. Yet, there are more books that will be delivered to DC, MD,VA area; so stay tuned for those announcements.

I hope everyone loved the trip and I’ll do another post on all the other cool roadtrip photos. Yet, I hope that the Elantra Eco goes plug-in hybrid too. Then more like 75-80 MPG combined!! Until then thank you for a fuel efficient ride.

More importantly thank you for allowing me to start my book tour for the world. Green energy economy is now so education and educating the workforce goes first!

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