Bring your green to work with ENERGY STAR

Many of us are already making green choices at home, from recycling to buying LED. But don’t leave your green at home—bring it to work!

For this final Do 1 Thing ENERGY STAR tip, we’re sharing this toolkit that will help you teach everyone how to make the same green choices at work as you make at home. Check out these resources and share them, to help everyone save energy and fight global warming with help from EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.

· Employee education kit
· “Test Your Energy IQ,” a 10-question multiple choice quiz
· Interactive animated cubicle
· Interactive animated manufacturing plant
· Energy-saving tips for everyone
· Green team checklist
· Poster and tip card
· Fast facts on energy use in buildings

Thanks for following our Do 1 Thing ENERGY STAR campaign—feel free to join the conversation online, at #Do1ThingENERGYSTAR.

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