How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam

How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam

Everyone knows that Europe is the global hub for bike riding. Many countries even prefer it over other means of transport, and one of them countries is Amsterdam: Known for its easily accessible bikes and popular tours and routes.

However, if you don’t want to take the well-known tour guides or want to go outside of the tourist hotspots it’s important to know how to cycle like a local, and be able to find out all the hidden places.

The latest infographic from Cheap Flights looks at exactly just that and some top tips on how to use your bike around the city – including the perfect cycling etiquette and how to secure your bike properly.

Safety is a big concern for biking around the city so it’s important to be all clued up on what you need to do to get around. Most Dutch bikes will use a single gear and back pedal brakes so anyone used to handlebar brakes might want to go out on a test run beforehand!
Have a look at the infographic below for some great hints, tips and suggestions on where to take your bike when you visit Amsterdam.
 How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam


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