With World Ocean Day, who better to remind us to protect our oceans than well-known activists Sir Richard Branson and Adrian Grenier.

In an original HuffPost Rise video, the businessman and actor have teamed up to explain how ocean contamination is threatening our food supply, wildlife and future generations, encouraging viewers to show their appreciation for the ocean by using the hashtag #MakeASplash.


“It’s terrifying when you read the facts,” Branson says, “Only 2% of the global ocean is fully protected, even though science tells us that at least 30% should be safeguarded if we want to preserve it for the future.”

Grenier adds, “The ocean should not be taken for granted. It should be nurtured. It gives us so many things, like food, jobs, relaxation, inspiration. But it gives us one thing that we can’t see, but is perhaps the most important of them all – oxygen. 50% of our oxygen comes from the ocean.”

Their involvement doesn’t stop there. Branson is participating in a 3.3 kilometer swim on the coast of Italy to raise awareness — and he’s challenging Grenier to join him. Unphased by the challenge, Greiner defiantly replies, “Together we can make a difference. We need your help. So yes, Richard, I accept your challenge.”

Watch the video here to learn more about this upcoming challenge and what else the famous activists are doing for the cause this World Ocean Day.

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